Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oh So Quiet
It's quiet today. Fred is at creche. Martin is at "ooni". Una is asleep. The only sound is the tap tap tap of the keyboard like jazz (the bad kind) - I am a terrible typer (typist? Sounds too much like I know what I'm doing). Anyway, quiet day...perfect for writing? I suppose. But I am feeling reflective rather than writerly.
There goes my quiet. The baby's awake and a plane just landed on my roof. If I ignore both perhaps they will go away.
I wonder what Eglantine is doing today? I think she's a dizzy-whizzy girl. Fred has started spinning when she's angry. It seems a strange way to express herself, to communicate frustration but there you are. She turns in circles and stamps her feet.
Una says Mama. Not mamamamamum, not babbling. She looks me in the eye and says 'Mama'. It must be a survival instinct because the very first time it happened I decided we were definitely keeping her. And just think, one day she might become an angry spinner too. I love them both, the angrier Fred is the more I love her. Every night I want to slide into bed beside her, rub her back while she sleeps (but she would just push me out and say 'go go go'... She likes to listen to music in bed at night and the second the cd goes on we have to leave. 'Kiss!' she says. Then 'go go go!').
There you go. The baby sleeps again. The plane has passed by.
Can you believe it, Una is 8 months old and I am clucky again. There is a reason for this, I make these incredibly beautiful babies that grow up to be angry spinners (and if you are going to be angry then at least make it into a dance). Another day. One day.
This time the baby truly wakes. No more quiet.

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