Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The case of the saggy-baggy thesis

I have speculation. I have theories. I have questions. I have ideas. I even have answers. I have words words words.

Because I don't have an argument.

I don't want to do it anymore.


frangipani said...

Coraline is just a metaphor for any child growing and changing. Her two sets of parents provide much more interest to the book.

in the words of kb
A worthy thesis must take the form of a snake
It must be long and intricately coiled
Apparently unhurried and innocent of malice
With deep inside it an enemy recently swallowed
Its unblinking eye must follow the examiner
Who must be too intimidated to deliver the usual blow

Good luck

meli said...

oh. i love that snake metaphor. my current chapter has a very shy and twisty snake whom i'm trying to tame.

it always helps me to think about the context. if the ideas are interesting, in what context are they most interesting? what context can they say something to? for me it was realising that 'how australians think about themselves' is too vague a concept, but 'what literary critics think about what australia should be' provided a much more tangible counterpoint to my musings on australian medievalisms.

i'm not sure what context you're trying to speak to, but maybe if you could define it for yourself it would help?

don't give up - it always feels like a messy splodge before it comes together. i think it's part of the process.

Kris said...

Can you fake it? Sometimes I find just adopting any old argument gets me started and then as I think though ideas I talk back to that original position and develop something that actually fits. But them, I'm a write as I think girl, and I know others need to plan before they start.

The snake quote is fantastic.

ThirdCat said...

That snake quote is amazing.

Yesterday and today, I've been writing my three minutes for a debate I'm in. It has really helped me to clarify my thinking on this rather amorphous, enormous idea I had.

Penni said...

Good on you mum. Very wise words well timed.

KB is Kevin Brophy for those of you who don't know, you can read the whole poem here:

Kevin also happens to be my thesis supervisor.

meli said...

thanks for the ref penni. i stole it for my blog, hope you don't mind. you sound like you're in good hands.

genevieve said...

That poem is a ripper. Best of luck with the thesis, and with your move.

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