Thursday, November 01, 2007

The dreamlife of fred

Sometimes when I watch Fred sleep I wish I could see what she is dreaming, which I suppose makes mothers creepy cause I can't imagine someone walking through my dreams. It reminds me of that scene in Peter Pan where the mother tidies away her children's thoughts...ugh. Martin and I read that to Fred in utero and both of us kind of freaked out about this idea of mothers. Turns out it's freaky accurate, though I can't actually get in there to rummage around.

Anyway, Fred just came to me stroking a pink feather, and told me her dream:

"I got into the cot and hugged Una and she was dying. She waved but she was dying. And I put her in the fire and you watched me pull her out again and she was alive again."

I was writing an article about death and repetition in children's literature at the time. Spooky.


  1. mothers and daughters are the spookiest combination of all

  2. That is a little creepy. I agree that it's a mother/daughter thing. I find the whole mother/daughter relationship so intricate and complex beside the comparative simplicity of the mother son relationship. That's certainly he way it works in our house anyway.