Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another post about dreaming

Frederique slept the whole night in our bed last night (and seems to want to return to co-sleeping, which we abruptly and probably cruelly terminated late in my pregnancy with Una – who can blame her considering the freezing cold snap we’ve been having) and had her own clear dream which she told me about the minute she woke this morning.

“There was a girl looking for her ice in the water and it was all turning to ice and I saved her just before she slipped under and drowned. I saved her! And put her on the seesaw and I got on the seesaw. And she told me she had no mumandad, no home, no clothes, no toys, no food and I told her she could come and live with me.”

Which is remarkably similar in plot to the novel I’m writing.

Meanwhile we’ve taken the side off Una’s cot (which confused her a great deal at first, she thought we were breaking it, and now she goes around confusing other people by telling them we make her sleep in a broken cot) so that it’s now a little bed. As a result she gets herself up in the middle of the night and stumbles around the loungeroom in the dark, Martin had to chase her back to bed twice last night. It seemed like a good idea at the time.


  1. Tara has taken to coming back into our bed of late too. I am putting it down to the cold and also her being unwell. She slept walked for the first time ever last night. I shouldn't be surprised as Molly used to do it a lot at that age. It was very amusing. She always did it when she needed to go on the toilet and I would gently guide her on there still asleep and she would sit there with a manic grin on her face giggling away.

    Interesting that Fred is in tune with your thoughts and it has come through with her dreams. Your relationship with her and the way she is...just reminds me so much of Molly.

  2. Anonymous11:10 PM

    willow is a sleep walker. she regularly, and quite nonchalantly, saunters through the livingroom towards the kitchen. She looks awake, talks drivel but won't respond to us.
    We try to turn her around to point her back to bed and she is unmovable, like a little person made entirely of steel.

    It is most offputting! All of her dreams seem to involve "butterflies, fairies and flowers", and that description is delivered dismissively, so I've stopped asking. Zephyr is too delicate to even have such a strange notion suggested to him and darby twitches and squeaks like a puppy in the sun.

  3. That is interesting - does Fred know about the plot of the novel you're writing? (ie. have you talked about it?)

    Ah, children's interpretations ... Una telling people you make her sleep in a broken cot. How embarassing. And kind of sweet.

    Hope you manage to get through the day on the amount of sleep you managed to eke out!

    PS. thanks for your lovely recent comment on my blog - I have no intelligent response except thank you, and it really touched me.

  4. Love how she thinks you're making her sleep in a broken cot, one you broke no less. Too cute.