Saturday, December 06, 2008

Early Christmas Special

Little Advent House
I finished making this at about 5 minutes to December. I really wanted to do a calendar this year but the idea of making 24 windows or pockets or envelopes filled me with unspeakable ennui. In the end I decided on the house, which lacks a countdown aspect but does help inspire us to do Christmas related activities. Every morning we poke a new activity written on a piece of paper into the chimney. So far we've put the Christmas tree up, made a pie, had stories with puppets, and had dinner by candelight listening to Christmas music. Coming up is a trip to the city to see the decorations, a trip to see Santa at the shopping centre, present making, biscuit making for the neighbours, and painting daddy's toenails. Sometimes I get a bit blue around Christmas, because I miss the Christmases I had, and my own family on Christmas day. Every year I tell myself I'll get organised to start some of my own traditions and every year I let it slide. This year I managed to pull something together at the last minute and I'm ever so happy about it. My little wooden people have no names - anyone want to have a go at naming them? I think it is a boy and a girl, but Una and Fred swear it is 2 girls.

Waiting for Santa

Is he coming yet?

Peering bravely into the dark.

Of course it is an Australian Christmas cottage, so there is a water tank. Smoke in the chimney can be equally authentic at this time of year.


  1. HEY backatcha Una Pearl. :)
    How about Lulu and Asha? Cute names, cute dolls, cute house, and I love the whole poking the activity down the chimney thing. You are craftilicious!

  2. oh that is adorable!

    how about poppy and pepper?

    i love the name poppy. i wish i were a poppy.

    word verification: joyac (joy at christmas)

  3. So cute! I love the house.

    And I love your daughter's singing. Adorable!

  4. For names....I like Pobby and Dingan.

  5. Oh, i LOVE your activity house!

    I have been lighting a numbered candle for each advent day (with those transfer numbers you get on a sheet), but your advent house has put me to shame!

  6. omgoodness she is adorable : )
    What a great idea penn

  7. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Just gorgeous.

  8. Gorgeous! Wow. I'm not crafty at all, but can admire the work of others. And have been known to be crafty in a Play School Making Things Box kind of way - ie. rough and ready. I'm inspired to do something like that (only less perfect, I fear) myself, now. I am in awe of the wooden people.

  9. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Hey, I want to do this! We'll call it Penni's House in honor of you and it being your idea!

    I can't wait to show my children that video tomorrow. They will love it and will surely sing along with her. She could not be cuter...

  10. Your advent house is fab.

    And can I just say that I LOVED the way you slipped into your previous post "I knitted a horse". Just like that.

    (Word verif is jewrics which doesn't sound very PC. Especially at this time of year).

  11. Penni,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I think your Advent scene is delightful. I am so thrilled you know the story of Kate Crackernuts, or Katie as she was in the book I read to the children when they were little. I wish I could find an in print version of it again but the closest I've found is the 12 Dancing Princesses, which while I am told has hereditary links to the tale, isn't quite the same. I could well be wrong but do we have another Penny, a P. Harrison, in common? I could well be wrong but I feel she's mentioned you.

  12. What a lovely, lovely house, and a lovely, lovely idea!

    Love the water tank.