Friday, March 19, 2010

Ideas from the wind

Una (dreamily): Imagine if we had a big tin of silver polish.
Martin: Why do you want silver polish?
Una: Then if I had a friend around to play and she had silver shoes I could say (casually), ‘Your shoes are very dirty. Would you like a polish? We have some silver polish in the barn.’ Imagine.

This morning Fred said, 'Can I use this pen?' She had been up for over an hour, I had only just risen. Martin and Una had driven off to creche, and were having the above conversation.

'Sure,' I said and probably something grumpy about not losing it.

And she went outside to write poetry, and get ideas from the wind.

Incidentally, Fred has always loved the wind. When I used to take her outside at a few months old in the Baby Bjorn she would open her mouth and swallow it and gasp in delight. Wind is her element, and her energy.


  1. I love the idea of getting ideas from the wind.

    Interestingly Lily is quite the opposite to Fred. From a very very young age the wind has freaked her out. If I took her out in the wind when you was little, she would just scream. Now she starts crying and says she wants to go inside. She says that is scares her...

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  3. <>!

    I'm really grateful that I was encouraged to write poetry at a young age. It doesn't mean I can write it well now or anything, but it shaped my relationship with words, helped me to explore patterns and grasp a love of language!

    Coincidentally I was looking at this just before I read your post!

  4. This is unrelated to this post, but, do you know the song Mushaboom by Feist? Well for some reason it always makes me think of your blog. Very lovely song. :)

  5. natashajean - I didn't know it so I watched the clip and then read the lyrics, what a gorgeous song, and how fantastic that it reminds you of my blog!

  6. You are such a poet, Penni. I hope you have all these posts stored away for the girls to read when they are older.