Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wondering how to comprehend Australian politics?

Look no further.

The Harry Potter version of Australian politics over the last three years is all spelled out for you right here.

Meanwhile I have discovered we live in the most marginal seat in Australia. I heard the three candidates interviewed on 774 last Thursday morning. And I was utterly relieved to hear how sensible our Green candidate is.


  1. Do you happen to watch Gruen Nation on ABC? They commissioned a pro-Greens ad, and it was sensational. So much so that the Greens called the ABC the next day to ask for the rights!!! (They were refused as the ABC can't be partisan.) It totally shat all over the actual ads of theirs I've seen. Shame.

  2. Just read the Harry Potter version. I am illuminated, amused, and a little afraid.