Sunday, November 14, 2010

Little Decisions

We've decided on a name (I think).
We've decided on a birth plan.
I've decided on which non-GD friendly treat to pack in my labour bag (Green & Blacks 70%, so not entirely out there - I think I will need some deprogramming before I can attempt a chocolate filled croissant).
We've decided to use disposables instead of cloth, at least over summer. Fred and Una were both exclusively cloth in their first year and mostly in cloth after that, so this isn't a light decision, but we have a tank that's built for 2 and we already struggle keeping up with the laundry for 4.
I've decided on a position to give birth, should the stars align and the baby want to come out that way.
We've decided on a car loan, after my Nissan died a sad but probably timely death, on the upward rise of a hill, in school traffic between two blind corners and I had to be rescued first by a kindly V drinking very thin man in blue overalls who rolled my car backwards down the hill and parked it for me, and then by Karen who came and picked me up from the side of the road and then picked up Una from kinder and Fred from school. We have decided to wait till after the birth to buy another car. I can't drive Martin's car because it's a manual and until March I am only licensed to drive autos. Yesterday's rain and two fighting kids conspired to make me feel rather low, but today though overcast the rain has stayed away and I've already managed one walk. The kids are still driving me nuts - they're tired, and strung out, waiting for the baby, and thrown by the sudden loss of the car and the subsequent interruption to routine.

I've also decided I'm ready (a week ago I wasn't ready for a baby at all), but I am happy to wait too. There's no reason to think I'll go early (Una was 2 weeks late). I have an appointment on Friday the 19th (my due date) to talk about inductions, but the last word on that is that because my blood sugar readings have been so good and there are no complications, they are happy for me to continue (with monitoring). The only thing is that being monitored might be complex, considering I have no car, Martin will be working, and there is no public transport out here. But, like any overdue pregnancy, we'll take it one day at a time.


  1. Hope the weather clears soon, for us all. Can have that closeting feeling. Also, you know you can give me a buzz whenever you want/need. x

  2. i'm reading your twitter updates, and it sounds pretty exciting right about now! thinking of you. x

  3. oh he's beautiful penny! and you look amazing. (should just get me a twitter account...)

  4. What a kind little lad, waiting till you had it all sorted and were ready. But for those of us not on FB (and I know you don't trust people like me LOL) pretty please, a photo on here?