Sunday, January 09, 2011

You like

Showers baths
The tumble of sisters
The sound of passing planes
My hair, which is a miracle to you

Your voice,
Which you found
Singing in your throat


Miscellaneous-Mum said...

These are so good, P. Leaving me for dead ;)


Kirsty Murray said...

Daunting and beautiful. And every day between all that rush and fuddle, you manage to craft these lovely words. Bloody humbling.

Laurie Steed said...

You done did it again, Penn, Just beautiful. Does your life create the beauty or do you grab these stunning phrases from another place? Whatever the case, you're inspirational.

meli said...

this is lovely penni

Penni said...

I have pretty good material to work with. I'm so glad I am doing this now, it's a lovely set of postcards to myself to remember a time that will slip away.

Julia Lawrinson said...

Beautiful. Throat-stoppingly beautiful.