Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why I Write

As part of National Young Writers' Month 2011, I answer a couple of questions here about why I write and what inspires me. Funnily enough when I was talking I felt like a babbling fool but watching the video I actually sound a bit like I know what I'm talking about. Bwahahaha.

Anyhoo, National Young Writers' Month is an excellent idea. Instead of focussing on competition or product, it's all about process. Sort of like Nanowrimo or Blomomofo (or whatever it's called - the blogging every day for a month thingy) but writers set personal goals for what they want to achieve, with the opportunity to join what I'm sure will be a very warm and supportive online community. Learn more about it here.

I really love Express Media because a lot of interesting people are involved with it (including many of my ex-students - bright and shining stars that they are), and they provide real support and genuine opportunities for young writers. But mostly I love them because the lighting in that video is SUPER flattering and it makes me look ten years younger. Hurrah Express Media!

In honour of National Young Writer's Month I am going to set myself a modest goal of writing three short stories in June. I'll let you know how I go.


  1. Woohoo! TV star!

  2. Apart from being profound, you are also gorgeous:-)

  3. Hey Penni
    I enjoyed this clip. I love your anniversary post and 'Timeline: Coming of Age', too. I'm reading Brendan Cowell's 'How it Feels' at the moment after having seen him in a session at SWF. It's a visceral coming-of-age account of those early- mid '90s from school to the big-good-bad-world.
    Thanks for keeping us entertained and thinking.

  4. You absolutely sound like you know what you're talking about - it's a lovely clip, really warm and inviting to the world of writing.

    Is that really a modest goal? Three stories in one month? I'm mighty impressed with your goal-setting. (And am off to give myself a stern talking-to about my goals).

  5. Yeah.. ah... you look really gorgeous and you even sound younger than I imagined you. Go you and your profound thoughts and secret access to the fountain of youth.

  6. Re-reading that I think my comment ended up being rude. I didn't mean that I didn't expect you to look so gorgeous on video, I meant I didn't expect you to look so young and sound so young on video.. but really, why am I making such shallow comments on your dear blog? Argh, enough of me.

  7. I agree with Bluemilk .. this new diet is turning back the hands of time Penni!
    Where is the video going to be used?
    I feel the same when I'm interviewed, like I'm babbling (which I usually am) however others don't notice it so much. Not that I'm interviewed all that often? Oh yeah, there was only once. In 1996.

  8. Aw, you guys. It really was very good lighting.
    Jo, I'm not really sure, just on their website I think. And you were in my dream last night! You were in a reality tv show - ha!

    Tristan I am going to pick up How It Feels, thanks!

    Traey, I thought it was modest...but now I am starting to wonder if I can do it! Maybe three not very good short stories.

  9. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Oh this reminds me of all the sensible, helpful and inspiring things that you said to me as I was grappling with my thesis last year! Thank you.

  10. hi Penni, wow look at you! You look amazing. Been a while since I've seen a photo. x