Friday, February 03, 2012

First Day, New School

1. Una, Grade One
You are stalky arms and legs
And a stiff green dress.
You are a backpack
And a broad rimmed hat.
You are eyes peering out
From under the rim.
You are a cubby hole
With your name on it.
You are your lunchbox.
You are the new girl on the mat
Sitting closest to the teacher.

I am goodbye.

2. Fred, Grade Three
You bounce
on the balls
of your feet.

Your worried smile
shows a gap.

You ask me not
to kiss you goodbye.

But your hand gives
the secret signal:
two quick pulses.
A single heartbeat

to tell me you love me
that right now
you need to be loved.

Two girls vanish into a world
made for them. I swim
through a sea of parents,
into the quiet of the deserted playground
looking for my husband's face.


  1. Oh, lovely first-day record. First day of the school year always feels strange for me, like we have to reinstate School Mode. Hope the new school is a winner.

  2. A new school? Have you moved? I hope the girls love their new school and you are all settling in to the rhythms of a new school x