Thursday, September 14, 2006

Falling off the blogosphere.

We have the plague. Or a plague. Pestilence anyway. Some sort of resilient bug that won't leave us alone. Fred's been sick since last Monday. Sleep doesn't live here anymore. Fred has been known to carry a large bowl around all day. In fact it's become her comfort item.

Things that have happened:
Fred mastered her puzzle

Then took some photos:

(Fred 1)

(Fred 2)

We also received our Chariot which we ordered on ebay from the US ($500 cheaper than buying it locally). The girls love it.

I am still writing Rise. The characters are going in their own interesting directions and I am having a lovely time playing with them. My favourites are Phoenix and Liv, both new characters. But Grunt, Trout and Undine are still there. There's some kissing (oooooohhhhh). There's some powerful hoodoo. It's going to be a pretty big finish, I tell you.


  1. ohhh sweeeeeeet i love the way you've got them under control with scotch fingers ;-)
    Lulu has taken over Asha's very cool helmut and Asha finally has a cool one back of her own, you MUST come and visit and we can take our GirlZ on some crazy tracks we've found down by the sea. :))

  2. Getting excited about the prospect of Rise being finished and being able to read it!
    That Chariot looks grrrreat! What a nice way to be toted around!

  3. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Love the chariot. Looks like Fred and Una love it too.
    Looking forward to reading Rise. Very much.
    Hope the lurgy leaves your house SOON. kath xxxx