Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A lost day

All day today Martin and I were thinking it was Monday. Fred didn't go to creche today, instead Martin took Fred and Una to the museum this morning, then to the pool this afternoon, happy to have such a jam-packed day thinking creche was tomorrow. I looked at the weather forecast online and made loud scoffy noises about the fact that the Age had skipped Tuesday (at this time of the evening they put up the weather for tomorrow) and then Martin and I simultaneously noticed that our computers said Tuesday. Sheesh.

In other news:
I knitted a jumper for Fred and finally have a photo of it. Notice Fred sitting at Mama's puto (see below for details about what she gets up to)

We've discovered noggin. Fred loves it. There are games there and Fred enjoys playing them but even better for Fred, there's kids music videos, which she loves - she was on the site for about 10 minutes when she discovered them and that's what she rocks out to. She uses the mouse pad on my laptop and has become very adept with it, it's great for her fine motor skills. She also plays at the sesame street website. Martin also wants to get Kid Pix which he has been using in schools and thinks would be great for Fred.


  1. Tuesdays are evil, a nothing day, good job you skipped it!

    I do love Fred's jacket, I want one too!!!!

  2. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Nooooo... not just any lost day, a lost creche day -- what a disaster!!

    Love Fred's jumper. Did you knit the pants she was wearing in the chariot photo too?

    -- KC

  3. Well you could always ring up and ask to swap for Thursday or Friday?? Crikey I would try!

    I've been all topsy turvey this week too, but in the opposite direction, keep thinking it's a day later.


  4. We're off to Tassie this week so alas, it's a write off. But never mind. Fred had a lovely day, so it doesn't really matter. And it's not like I was looking after her ;)

    No, not the pants. But I'm attempting some. I found a pattern online. I started but Fred was on noggin (thanks Kate - isn't it funny how A went straight to stories, and Fred goes straight to music videos?) and I couldn't check the pattern and made some mistakes so had to abandon them. Will start again when I recover from the tragedy of it all.