Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fe and Me

I have started taking iron supplements and 2 weeks on I can't believe the difference. I thought it was just my lot in life to feel like crap but apparently not. Not exactly up to bear wrestling or mountain hopping but I have a spring in my step and my head doesn't feel like it's filled with cotton wool - so that's a bonus.

Modern medicine. Who knew?


  1. While I was pregnant my midwife put me onto Spatone, it's liquid Iron supplement that tastes good and doesn't have the usual "binding" effects that the tablets/capsules can have.

  2. good to hear you've got some zing in you Pen. My GP tells me that being zing-less is b/c I'm a mother, that there is no cure... but, being ever hopeful, I'm taking inspiration from your zinging.