Friday, January 19, 2007

Jiggety jig

So we're home again. It's nice to be back.
Boat was hugely successful and it was great having our own car packed to the brim with stuff while we were down there. Girls slept well and so did we for that matter. Camping improved too, we had an overnighter in Cockle Creek which was beautiful but a bit damp and cold, which made the morning hard (Una slep badly and then in the morning we couldn't put Una down anywhere and Fred woke up cold and cranky), but then at the end of our two weeks we had four nights in Bridport. By then we'd bought a sheepskin for Una for nights, and a thermal top for Fred, and the weather was milder anyway overnight, and with this sorted we all slept well and the days were relaxed and fun. Both girls loved swimming in the sea every day. We went to Piper's Brook and checked out the swanky golf course which is rated one of the world's best - Barnbougle. Amazing sense of place. For some reason I haven't really spent much time in Tasmania's North East but we'll be going back, the beach at Bridport is just amazing.
In Hobart we did the usual - mostly eating, a trip to Salamanca, hanging with Fred and Una's Grandma and Grandad and we also visited Zoe and Dan (who were holidaying there) and Zoe's parents, John and Penny Smith. It was the first time Martin had met them, which was some kind of strange anomoly, and the first time Fred and Una had met them too. Fred was naked within half an hour, running around on the deck and shouting 'I'm in the nude!' So I think she felt at home. I kept half expecting to see mine and Zoe's childhood ghosts playing in the bush around us.
So it was a great two weeks. It's nice to be home, but it was a good holiday nonetheless. I didn't read all my books, but I did get through Magic Lessons (not Magic or Madness...that'll learn me for not checking before blogging) - a great read, though I think I should have read M or M first, and I'm most of the way through The Gilead, which is extremely absorbing - one of those books you continually partly reside in the whole time you're reading it, I think it will stay with me too long after I finish.
Anyway, off to do something sensible, like work. Boohoo. Bye bye holiday.


  1. Glad you had a good holiday, and that the camping worked out. Benefits of a trial run? I have very fond memories of Cockle Creek and the triumph we felt getting the fire going in endless dizzle. I still loved camping there.

  2. Welcome home! Been wondering when you would be back! North Tassie sounds great! Must check it out myself sometime! And now back to your scheduled programming...

  3. welcome home Penn. Sounds like a fabulously reminiscent holiday. Glad your camping experiences are improving. Would love to see some pics. peace and love to you and your darlings, kath xxxx

  4. you lived in ABBOTT GROVE?

    i was BORN in abbott grove!! (literally. front room. hippy parents.)

    did you live there between 1981 and 2003? because we would have been neighbours. my parents live at number 4.