Thursday, February 22, 2007

2 new reveiws

Two more reviews of Breathe came winging their way through the post.

First from ALA Booklist
"Russon's bracing, poetic voice and earthy, likable characters ground the story's esoteric symbolism, and many readers will find their own fear and love reflected in the beautiful, open-ended metaphors."
Reviewed by Gillian Engberg

And from Horn Book Magazine
"[Breathe] is a fascinating character study, continuing to probe the allergorical connections between magic, female sexuality and sublimation of self while intorducing questions of predestination, indivduation, and a "multi-verse" of realities. Worth reading for the prose alone..."
Reviewed by Claire E. Gross

(P.S. There's a review of Bridge to Terabithia, the movie, on the Horn Book site. I'm a bit scared of it...the movie that is, not the review. 'Free the pee?' Puh-lease.)

And Lili sent me this link and this link today, in which a blogger talks in two different posts about her mixed reactions to Undine. Interesting. I understand that The Tempest references might seem a little overwhelming if you're not familiar with the play, but I wonder if Undine makes Shakespeare more accessible to kids? I didn't do it for that reason, mostly I used it as a starting point to give a thematic shape to my ideas about family and inheritance and identity and love (I never had an estranged father, but I did have long lost siblings come into my life when I was 18 so I think that's probably why the theme was one I was fascinated with).


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Go, Penni! Now, when is that third book coming?

  2. About 5 weeks? April

  3. hello lovely
    the first revIEw is beautiful.
    the second revIEW is too academic for my pea shaped brain.
    Can't they just say "it was a fine read. Go out and get it, you'll love it." ?
    peace and love, kath xxxx