Tuesday, May 01, 2007

An abundance of katherines

I must have this book, because this guy makes me laugh.
And so does his brother.
Listen to the Helen Hunt song.
Found via Justine's blog. Her latest post is about using spreadsheets for her novels. I don't do this. But then I don't sort my socks from my underpants (or from Martin's socks or his underpants - they all live in one basket, we don't pair the socks either) and every morning when I go to get socks and underpants, I wish I did sort my socks and underpants, but then the day starts and one thing leads to another and I don't and then it's another day and I am fishing through the basket again. So in short, I think spreadsheets sound bloody sensible. I did intend to start keeping character sheets (and haven't) in which I record physical details as I write (eye colour, hair colour, background stuff) because when I was writing Drift I was never sure if I'd mentioned, say, Grunt's eye colour and though I have a reasonably clear picture in my head, it's possible my picture of him has evolved as his character evolved.

Did you know Grunt has a sister? She's mentioned in Breathe. I tried to write her into all three books and she got cropped out of each one at an early stage of the writing process. Her name is Isobel.


  1. isn't brotherhood 2.0 great? i'm an addict.

    i think i have a copy of 'katherines' somewhere, so i can lend it to you. you've read looking for alaska?

    i love pairing socks. i find it soothing.

  2. You should come visit my place, Lili. After you'd gone through the drawers you'd be very soothed :)

    I've got to work a full day in a shared office tomorrow. I don't know how I'll work without holding out bribes of watching Brotherhood 2.0 and reading interesting blogs.

  3. Lili that would be grat.

    The only bad thing about Brotherhood 2.0 is all the hours I now have to catch up on. Can see many wandersome procrastination sessions.

  4. Oh and no, I haven't read Looking for Alaska. Katherines immediately appealed for the 'nod to postmodernism' (that was on Amazon), but I think I really ought to read both!

  5. Curiously, a friend of mine only went out with women called Kathy, Katherine, Kirsty and Kristen and they were all rather horrible. (He's now happily married to a wonderful woman called Grace)

    I hate pairing socks - because my ex was obsessive about it.

  6. I got to admit, I'm kind of anal about sorting (ok..organisation in general). Socks (paired, odd socks go in my odd sock basket and if I don't find a match in like 3 loads, they go in the bin or craft box)and jocks in one drawer, bras and stockings ( each pair in their own little plastic ziploc bag!! stops them getting snagged, honest!) in another drawer. Jacen's socks are sorted into school socks in one drawer, rest in another. Jack just throws them all in together and it drives me nuts, I keep trying to seperate them on the sly. God it really does sound awful when you write it down..lol..

    PS, I even hang them in pairs on the washing line, all like socks in lines.

  7. Um Monique...are you sure you're the same person?

  8. lol.. I know. A long way from the teen who lived by the Chaos theory!! I find with an ASD child you HAVE to be super organised or your just lost and will have a mega meltdown. Jay doesn't get the whole waiting for mommy to find socks in a basket, if they aren't in his room, Exactly where he expects them to be, it's a big drama, and I won't even go into him and his reaction to wearing odd socks!!!!

    PS got a interesting book from the library the other day, an adults picture book, The Three Incestuous Sisters by Audrey Niffenegger, pretty kewl, she does her own illistrations too.