Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Post-busy blah

So I should tell you all about the cocktail party Kate Constable I went to on Friday night where there were no cocktails but lots of fabulous people. Scott Westerfeld was funny and eloquent, Meg Rosoff read fantastically, Sonya Hartnett sounded like she was talking underwater (from where I was standing) but I am sure she was brilliant and someone else was also underwater but brilliant but I can't remember who she was and this smart library guy talked about curatorship and young people (and about how they're going to have jobs that don't exist yet, dealing with technologies that haven't been invented, which I found simulataneously chilling and exciting) and I talked to all my gorgeous editors, all of whom looked far more glamorous than me - when did children's literature become glamorous? - and I felt a wee bit mumsy and not quite so fabulous. I looked very hard and didn't see Lili anywhere or Justine (and I'm not sure if I'd recognise her, even though I've met her before because I've got her mixed up with the girl on her book covers and someone famous, um, oh I know, Mary-Louise Parker), but I did see the very tall and very lovely Mike Shuttleworth, who I know peeks in from time to time (hi Mike). I also sat at a very large table in Kri Kri with more fabulous people, including the very interesting Lisa Shanahan (we love Gordon's got a Snooky and Bear and Chook) and her lovely baby and many others. It was a great night and apparently there are rumours flying about that Reading Matters (a two day kids book conference, for those of you who don't know, of which the cocktail party was part, unfortuantely I couldn't make it to the conference) is going to be podcast, perhaps Lili or Mike can shed light on this rumour. But in the meantime Simonne Howell is blogging about it on inside a dog.

We then went on to have a huge weekend with lots of kids parties, then I had to stay up till midnight to finish my semester's work. Today I felt a bit flat and blah, sitting at home listening to the rain, reading and loving Saving Francesca, and thinking about what I'm going to write next. We're vaguely househunting again and it really is a dispiriting experience.

So I am tired of me. Let's talk about you.

Tell me: what was your childhood home like? Did you move much or live in one place? What was the best hiding place? Did you live on a quiet street or a main road? What was the best place to play? Who lived next door? Did your neighbourhood have a haunted house?