Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Header

Do you like it? My huzzzband Martin made it. Isn't he clever. I love how fierce the girl looks. Man, I wouldn't want to be that cake. Scary. I don't know what it says about his perception of my blog. Hmmm.

So anyway, yesterday a little article I wrote about LURVE appeared in the Age. It was a kind of 'how to' for the Ed supplement, about writing about love. I feel majorly chuffed about being asked, and terribly famous and important at the idea of appearing in my second favourite newspaper. I haven't actually seen it myself, it's being stashed away by people who still buy their newspaper as a - well - newspaper...I read everything online these days. In a few weeks I'll probably put it up on my website for anyone who missed it. This is the second article I've had published this year. The first was one about Harry Potter, it appeared in February's Viewpoint magazine. Writing articles takes me a while, it's very different from writing novels. One of the reasons I started blogging was to develop a voice that might work for article writing, since to be a full time writer in Australia means you have to be willing to turn tricks I mean pimp yourself or rather beg and plead for anything going supplement your income with complimentary work. The blog has created these opportunities and lifted my profile, so it's been worth doing, but I really just do it now because I love it. And because I love youse all.

And because I love myself.

And because they keep me locked up in this garret and sometimes it's nice to post a message through the hole in the wall and see if someone comes along and reads it.


  1. haha you a funny ladeeee ;P

  2. She has purdy hair.

    (The girl in the header, that is).

  3. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I love, love, LOVE your blog. And this is a poke on the side!


  4. LOve the new image. Clever Martin. Like the font too but am vaguely disturbed by the kerning after the g and the T.

    Kill me now, I have been infected by my husband's issewes

  5. husband just looked g & t don't bother him at all which just goes to show how little I know

  6. I do love it, yes. Your husband is so talented!

    Blogs are great for just writing whatever you like, aren't they? Without thinking about shaping your writing to a particular saleable format. And I love the fact that you actually get feedback and talk about what you write and get other opinions.

    Yours does seem to be getting a bit of press at the moment (just read about it in Bookseller & Publisher, too). Great stuff!