Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oedipal much?

Fred (5): Soon I’m going to be a mum. So…Dad, when Mum dies, can you marry me?

Una (2): Soon I’m going to be a scary robot.


  1. I think that's lovely. When I was a kid I never would have wanted to marry my dad! (Didn't think my mother should have bothered with him either.)

    Robot sounds good too. I always wanted to be the Bionic Woman (but, you know, without that falling out of the plane thing).

  2. Yeah, my son wanted to marry me when he was that age. Those Greek myths obviously have their roots in SOMETHING ... and he wanted to be a superhero until a couple of years ago. So, you know, robot is within the realms of possibility.

  3. I love Una. That's the sort of thing Lulu would say. Crackups.

  4. Anonymous7:08 PM

    lol, i'm with una this evening.

    willow is still extremely pissed we didn't invite her to our wedding. she doesn't quite grasp that she didn't exist then.

    yes folks, the world did turn without willow.

  5. zose we got the same from our four year old for quite some time..very annoyed that she wasn't there. She would look at the photos and say "but where am I? How come I am not there?" Quick thinking daddy responded with "right there..see the twinkle in daddy's eye. That's where you are. That's how you started" She accepted that and now always refers to her time when she was a twinkle. :-)

    I always wanted to be an astronaut when I was little. That or a boy.

  6. Lulu often used to say 'When I grow up and I'm a boy...'
    It's taken us a while to convince her that she'll probably pretty much always be a girl.
    Though she's very proud of the gun she made on the carpentry table at creche last week. :S

  7. heh heh heh. Great comments from everyone. I wish I wanted to be Bionic Woman. The only thing I remember distinctly wanting to be was a clown - one of those sad Pierrots.

    Una would like to know what I'm going to be when i grow up.

  8. I'm with Una. I'd rather be a scary robot than marry my Dad. Lovely old duck though he is.