Friday, January 23, 2009


Last year we inherited a turtle, when my BFF moved to Tassie. He is the
He is tranquil and restful when in the water, but a dynamo on land - man that turtle can move. With purpose. He eats worms (both frozen bloodworm cubes and fresh ones from the garden) from our hands. The girls are responsible turtle owners - Fred takes him for walks, and the girls take it in turns to feed him. We have all been suddenly seized by the desire to expand into dog ownership (much fence building needs to occur before that day, so it probably won't occur until someone around here decides to bring in a proper income - I'm looking at you Una), but we will always have Snappy to love, and I will always respect his profoundly peaceful, zen-like silence.


  1. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Sure sounds better than Whitlam and Cairns. Do you remember Cairns?

  2. I do, and I remember the yellow and green budgie bought to replace Cairns (and that it got out of the box when Dad bought it home and flew around the living room), but I seem to recall that one didn't survive long and then we just had Whitlam again.

  3. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Whitlam survived Cairns and Thatcher, a female; but Bob & I think our final one was Jennifer, who escaped and later went on to build a nest but never laid an egg and survived Whitlam K would know for sure. I always hated having caged birds

  4. Aah, Snappy! I'm so glad he is flourishing! I think that little guy has gone from strength to strength! I'm gonna send Aaron the link so he can see too!
    Love the photos of him too! He's quite the model. Ever thought about HIM bringing in an adult wage, ala modelling?

  5. Dog ownership is so cool. We recently ventured into it, with an old dog who needed a new home. He wouldn't need much fencing, he's v happy to stay where he is (and loves our bunnies, and our cat).