Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fred and the Flower Fairies

Fred with short hair is more elfin than ever. Sometimes when we are at the park or in the bush, I think she belongs more to the trees and the grasses than to me, and that, like a seed head she will be taken away by the wind to eternally drift. Fred is not so much a flower fairy as a wind sprite, as was pointed out by Kate Constable, who knows a fairy when she sees one.

When Fred was born she was given a copy of a flower fairies book of poems by my brother and his family and recently it's been rediscovered and is a favourite - she takes it to bed to read to herself.

This morning she wrote her own poem (her punctuation, I have resisted the urge to edit).

I saw a fery, and I sede
to the fery...why
is your bed a poppy
it is soft


  1. Beautiful, Penni. Both Fred, and her poem.

  2. I agree with Kate. Only a wind sprite could write those words. Do you keep all this sort of stuff in a scrapbook?

  3. Your girl looks fey - as she must be to see a fery - and exquisite.

    Is it weird to really want her haircut?

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