Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's in my Handbag? An acceptance

Simmone Howell suggested this procrastinatory exercise and then said I had to do it. Now I am not one to procrastinate for hours and hours and hours at a time so of course I kindly declined.
AH HA HA HA HA HA.This is my handbag. I bought it for 50c at the op shop, and I like it. It has two short straps and a long shoulder strap (though narrow, so it hurts if my bag is too full of money. Luckily that never happens.) Anyway, the exercise is this, one must take a photograph of the contents of one's handbag. Here's Simmone's. She was clearly having a very hip handbag day. Me, not so much.
First of all, I'd like to point out what's not in my handbag: purse, phone (well, I was taking the photos on my phone, but I didn't take it out of my handbag, it was just lying around as it is wont to do), car-keys, novel, useful things. I had recently transferred this stuff into the Crumpler I inherited from Martin when he bought a new manbag to match his iphone. He's all about the accessories.
Here is a photo of all the contents.
Let's break it down. Assorted etcetera.
Book reviews.
Receipts, which were randomly scattered throughout, I bagged them up in an empty Chocolate Box bag because they kept blowing away during my photo shoot.

Bandaids. From *ahem* Hong Kong actually, and a peek of a credit card to an account we have never actually put any money into.
And of course, what handbag is complete without:

The full list:
freshwater pearl necklace
two pairs of Polli earrings - one gold, one green with cockatoos
silver tulip bracelet
orange ponytail holder
card to defunct account
southern eastern quoll badge made by Una
keys to my mother's car on tweetie bird keyring which I carry around because it is my very good intention to post it back to my mother
redhead matches
2 used met cards (soon to be a collector's item)
bandaids (Winnie the Pooh)
pink buttons (4)
business card to hairdresser with appointment on it (missed)
apple computer stickers
expired complimentary pass to Fantastic Mr Fox
rubber band
review from The Examiner, from my mother's friend Vivian, via my mother
review from The Mercury from my mother
empty Chocolate Box bag which held a chocolate golf ball, bought and consumed by Fred
3 x 5c pieces
black pen, no lid
assorted receipts (about 30)
cocktail umbrella

What's in your handbag?


  1. NOw this makes me think of my handbag, which needs a wash (dirty purple Hedgren) and bandaids within, as well as a song my kids know: "Bandages on my head and my hands from you..." I'll find out what it is and who. Part of the refrain is 'don't worry now, it's all under control.'
    Like the buttons!!

  2. The pink buttons are a fine addition to your handbag cattle.

    My bag is all cleaned out, because I have to keep transferring all my sensible things (wallet, keys, phone) to my work handbag. I can't bear to carry my work handbag on the weekends, so I throw it all in a cloth bag that my sister-in-law gave me years ago.

    But there are always receipts and there is also a map of the ANU campus. Which might be interesting.

  3. What the hell??? I can't believe you wasted tickets to Fantastic Mr Fox!!!

  4. I didn't realise until we got back from Tassie that they expired on the last day of our trip.

  5. I love peeks into other people's handbags. There is a whole tumblr dedicated to them. Some people have some very pretty tid-bits.

  6. glad to see you only carry the essentials! (makes me feel better about my bag)

  7. This must be the only honest handbag thingy I've seen! Or everyone else is unbelievably tidy and hip. Even yours is a little bit hip. Old receipts - I've got heaps of em! Ditto old shopping lists (it takes me ages in the shops to find the current one & I usually give up). And things I'd be too ashamed to mention (oh all right - men's hankies (mine) because I have refused to use tissues for over 30 years)

  8. Hah! My wife can top that. She puts a lot more in her handbags. In fact, she fits in TWO clutch bags in the handbags she brings whenever she goes out. One clutch is for her toiletries and fashion accessories, and the other is for her gadgets (e.g., phone charger, earphones), reading glasses, and the designer wallet I gave her. That's how organized she is.