Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time Travel

Fred and Una are playing a time travel game (the travel mechanism is a perpetual calendar), that is causing a fascinating argument about whether or not the time traveler would remember the person in the past, or if the other person in the past would remember the time traveler when they encountered each other. The game and the argument touches on which one is the constant - the traveler, or the timeline.

Meanwhile, what they should really be doing is getting ready for school or they will be LATE.

The rigid, patriarchal time of the school day/the mythical, cyclical time in the realm of the mother. Less and less I find myself wanting to insist on the first, instead I want to draw the two girls back into the second. Una wants to live here with me, but Fred is already lost to the world. "We're late!" she says wherever we go, even if we are early or on time. Her father's daughter. Sigh.

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  1. gorgeous! (& makes me think of the time traveller's wife - always a good thing.)