Saturday, April 16, 2011

Found objects

Una: The government writes all the songs. The government wrote the songs when he was a kid.

Fred: Mum, I think you're the most normal thing in my crazy mixed up world.


  1. small child turning circles around a pole by the train station this morning: mum. mum. mum! did you know trees can breathe? breathe? trees breathe! did you know trees breathe?

  2. Normal??? How crushing!

  3. Hi Pelumopie (Quinn still can't say your full name). More frequent blog posts would be enjoyed by us stalkers from afar who don't understand twitter. Otherwise I'll just have to work out how to use my phone to make a call (they do that too I just found out, was too busy playing fruit ninja and angry birds)and talk to you in the live flesh! Love. xxoo