Thursday, January 09, 2014

Frankston Line

Short, bald, patient man answers his phone
‘Hi Mum’
and something about a parcel that hasn’t arrived,
and his brother gets on the line.
The man on the phone keeps using his name.
‘How are you, George?’
‘How’s Mildura, George?’
‘Take good care now.
Are you taking care,

Mordiallic Lapidary Club, beginners welcome

Across the aisle is a man in a light grey suit
too short at the cuffs
too high at the ankles,
showing smooth black wrists
brown beige camel argyle socks

Cal bungs, pine trees

Blackberry, Android, iPhone, iPhone, iPhone
Kindle, iPad, Time magazine.

A man stands for a woman close to tears
grey hair scraped back,
she clutches her carkeys, digs inside her embroidered bag,
dials, loses the signal and dials and dials again.
Every time he answers,
the phone cuts out.
‘Thank God, someone gave me a seat,’
she says finally
into the phone.
‘But I’ll be all right.’

Edithvale Hairven Cloverleaf Lumen Lights Olympic Blinds

Three boys, skateboards
two gorgeous, one funny.
Has Celeste got a boyfriend
yep but he’s young, year nine or ten
eleven next year
I saw him at the station at midnight.


summer dress
blunt fringe
black leggings
jelly shoes

Nissan Jeep Europcar
Mitsubishi Kia
Brakes Plus

The ugly one picks up his phone.

‘I’m adding him back into the conversation.’

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