Monday, July 31, 2006

Bitty Booties

bitty booties
bitty booties,
originally uploaded by nellup.
Look what I made. These are a present for my new niece or nephew to be, who will be born this week - hooray!! I've never sewn anything before (I'm pretty sure I didn't even complete anything in home ec at school) so I very proud of myself.
Truly super excellent pattern available here:


  1. They are adorabubble!

  2. They're fantastic! I'm sure they'll keep little'uns feet toasty warm. Did you find some felt in the end?

  3. Ah you are a clever kitten!!

  4. Yep, wool felt from the wondrous world of ebay.
    Both my girls would kick them off on in a heartbeat, but they'll look cute sitting on some chest of drawers somewhere.
    I love felt. So easy to cut and sew. And yay for no hems.