Saturday, July 22, 2006

We went to Queensland a family of four...
No! I'm not pregnant. But we have acquired another child. Her name is Bella. We can't see her, but she's definitely there. She appeared on Tuesday, a natural progression from Fred's team of imaginary guinea pigs. It's a classic imaginary friend, if we lift Fred up to sit somewhere then Bella has to be lifted up too. Martin had to cook Bella pancakes this morning. Bella and Fred both had to have a special plate. They both had to have pancakes with vegemite (I know!) In the end, Fred and Martin 'helped' Bella to eat hers. Bella has a brother. Bella is usually a girl, but sometimes she is a boy. So far she is no trouble, but when Martin suggested we employ Bella as a babysitter, I said we needed to wait and see if she is good or bad.

On a similar note we have acquired a useful new word. If Fred doesn't want to eat something and she hasn't got a good reason why, then she will tell us it's too 'spund'. It's a difficult vowel sound to spell, but the closest I can come is the German 'u'. She is hoping it will be as effective a word as spicy, which is a very powerful word, if something is spicy, Fred knows she doesn't have to eat it. She is actually a very good eater (adventurous, likes veggies, will try most things, though not keen on chilli or black pepper) but her recent bout of illness plummetted her back into the dark period of her life where, for about 18 months she would only eat apples, yoghurt and bananas and then only on odd numbered days when the moon was in the fifth quadrant. Or whatever. Still good on her for inventing a new word to describe that feeling of ennui one gets as a child when one is not quite hungry and is faced with tedious foods like dry crackers and broccoli and chips. (Also a new development. Chips are spund. Carrots, however, are not.)


  1. i'm confused! aren't you a family of four anyway???! welcome back btw! glad to hear you enjoyed it :o) miss una is gorgeous!

  2. Have you taught her the wondrous word "moog" yet? Lord knows it got US through many an ennui!

  3. My young delightful uses "disappeardy" if it is unable to be seen immediatly, used in circumstances such as, "Mummy my shoes have disappeardy-ed" or "I turned disappearedy to sneak up on a guy" this one is used mostly in his computer games before he shoots someone! Yes I know, the great ethical debate on children vs computer games, I feel a blog whinge coming

    PS welcome back, looks like you have a wonderful time!