Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm back

I'm back teeming with fresh ideas, filled with nourishing novels and a sun-bathed soul, ready to finish Rise.
I highly recommend paradise, the girls loved it.

We seem to have come home to a cold snap, 3 degrees in Melbourne this morning. Brrrr.


  1. Welcome back Lady! It looks luverly there, and how begucken cute is Miss Una in that shot?!
    Meanwhile Dan has read Undine and thinks it would make a great film...any thoughts?

  2. What a good boy he is for reading it. All right, you can keep him.
    Um, a movie. Yes, I think so, it's quite cinematic. Just have to wait for one of those bigwig producer types to think so too! I don't really know anything about films except they come with tasty popcorn and the coke is getting bigger and I used to see a lot more of them before Squeaky was born.

  3. Glad you had a great time, what a sky! We're having tropical weather over here in the UK at present, the tarmac is melting and so am I!

  4. Welcome home :-)

    So glad you enjoyed it. It is a small slice of heaven.

    Molly keeps talking about Undine being a movie. The other week she had quite a vivid dream that it was one and the next day when she was telling me, said, "do you think it will Mum? How great would that be?" :-)

  5. Oh hooray, so glad you had a great time, those girls are so beautiful.