Friday, November 10, 2006

Linky Mclinks

Very short story competition here. 500 words, theme is 'inner city: anywhere, anytime'. Deadline 1 December.

For kids: storyline, a project by the screen actor's guild. See your favourite celebrities read picture books. Come on. Al Gore! Okay it's not all Al Gore, there's the Mum from Malcolm in the Middle (we love her) and the guy from West Wing who walks like a ballet dancer, um, Bradley Whitford, reading an Australian book Wilfred Gordon Macdoanld Partridge by Mem Fox (digression: see her discuss the book in an unusual way here). Lou Diamond Phillips reads The Polar Express...oh go look for yourself. It's such a nice idea, unfortunately the way its done is a wee bit cheesy with soft "storytelling" voices and plinkly music, and so the texts lack some of the energy and verve you would hope an experienced actor might bring to the reading of them. But Fred will probably quite like it all the same. I'm saving it up for a rainy day.


  1. ohhhh. i want bradley whitford to read to my children...


    i want children, so bradley whitford can read to my children...

  2. Mmmkay.
    Bradley Whitford's children?

  3. oh yes. in our big lovely house in the country... sigh...

    (pining cause there is no more west wing ever)

  4. Are you going to enter the short story one? I'm half tempted to give it a go. I think I'm scared though :-) I have an idea for it I guess I just need to be brave.

  5. I have an idea but I'm not sure that I have time to pull it together. When I started writing it it came out as a children's story so I have to rethink it. I might be too naturally verbose for 500 words ;)
    I'd love to see your entry though. Promise to send it to me?

  6. p.s. Lili - can I just come and visit and look at him sometimes? You know, while he reads to the kids?