Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bolinda Audio - Breathe

Some good news today. Thanks to Bolinda audio, Breathe is to become an audio book. Undine is one, you can listen to an excerpt via that link. It's read by Melissa Eccleston (who I am sure does a brilliant job, my mother thinks so anyway. Unfortunately it makes me squirm to listen to it - I can't read my own books either after they've been published, except for work reasons - like writing book 3 I had to go back to Undine and Breathe. But I do it tentatively, I keep waiting to hear/read an enormous clanger that it's too late to repair). But I do look forward to listening to Breathe at some point in the future - I have a big soft spot for Breathe.


  1. How exciting Penn, a whole new world is opening up for Undine.

    I hope you opened some bubbles to celebrate!

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  3. errr....ummmm Celia.... I think you're in the wrong place!

  4. Yeah good on you. Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

  5. Come my Celia, let us prove
    While we can the fruits of ...the only thing they are not selling there is cookies, really.

    Congratulations, Penny, I think that's a remarkable achievement. It must be very interesting indeed to be able to listen to your work read by someone else - sounds like you have the problem some famous actors have with watching themselves, though. I'm sure it sounds magnificent.