Sunday, April 01, 2007

Oops. We broke the baby.

Una has a fractured wrist. We're not even sure how she did it. If she hadn't still been a crawler (at 18 months) we may not have realised how serious it was. As it was, we realised her arm was causing her pain on Wednesday (though we knew something was wrong before that) and then by Thursday she was hobbling around up on her knees (though otherwise happy enough most of the time unless we touched her arm) so we took her to the doctor. X-rays on Friday then back to the doctor for plaster. She can't have baths, which is about the only thing she's really sad about. Back to the doctor in two weeks, hopefully to have the cast removed. X-rays were horrible because we had to twist Una's arm around and it obviously really hurt her. Fred sat in the other room and blew raspberries to cheer Una up - it worked. Fred was really interested in the x-rays. Though when we were looking at them afterwards in the cafe she said, 'Where's Una's VAGINA? [in the x-ray, which was of Una's elbows and hands]. I have a VAGINA. Sometimes babies come out of VAGINAS. Mummy, how do the babies get into VAGINAS?' which was our first birds and the bees question and I am pretty sure I did a terrible job answering it. Also in the waiting room at the radiologist she stood on a chair and cheerfully shouted 'SHIT SHIT SHIT' which of course she didn't get from me while I was frantically searching for my purse which Una had hidden just before we were due to go for the x-rays. I was a wee bit stressed.


  1. Oh :( Her poor little paw :(
    But it looks kind of sweet. And she's brave.
    Here's to a quick heal. XX

  2. Ohhh poor Una :(

    Hope she is ok soon. Glad that it isn't causing her too much grief.


  3. Oh, poor little thing! Owee.

  4. shit, shit, shit indeed!Poor Una.

    Hugs for the broken one from Chez Cantor

  5. Una looks so cutely resigned in that last photo. I hope she gets better quickly!

  6. Ditto to the Shit.

    Poor Una. Hopefully it will heal quickly and she'll be back to be her mischievious self in no time.

  7. Thanks everyone. She's pretty proud of it really. She keeps showing everyone and announcing 'Sore!' with great delight.

  8. The look on her little face in the last pic is just classic. Little cutie.
    And as for her sister's announcements - that's hilarious!

  9. Ahhh children, a grandparents revenge!

    Jacen (being a boy) is enamoured of the word Penis, and uses it all the time (thank you funniest home videos, we constently hear echoing throught the house "oh my penis!!)
    Apparently his grade 2 class think it hilarious (catholic school no less!)
    Funny how this obsesion for men continues thru life Hmmm?
    Tho it's content conversation that no, Mummy doesn't have one, because that's not the way girls are made etc.

  10. Oh poor Una, she is a tough little cookie. I hope the baby is fixed really soon & there is no need for more x-rays.

    Fred's so cute, I love the stage where they copy everything we do, although we find it frustrating at the time it's nice to sit back & laugh about it later.

  11. What a poppet! at least their bones heal faster at this age (not much consolation I know.)You're quite right, you wouldn't know unless she was crawling or otherwise weight-bearing - it might well have had to heal itself.
    My sister-in-law broke her arm and was let go with it for a few days before it was x-rayed - evidently it wasn't quite sore enough!! and my son (aged about 15 at the time) spent the morning at school in sickbay trying to convince a rather tough nurse that his shoulder was not really okay just because he could lift his arm. I never found out if he went back to tell her later that in fact his collarbone was broken (after being fallen on by a larger friend in fun.)

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