Friday, April 27, 2007

a day

So it being a nothing day, home with the girls in intermittent rain (yes, yes we love rain...) I've been very busy not being busy. As you can see, Eglantine has a new frock. She is very happy with it, she keep swirling it about. I'm a bit of a sucker for wallpaper, my dream house, the one that doesn't exist yet, has lovely wallpaper. And a change is as good as a holiday. NOT.

I made a pumpkin and chorizo tagine for dinner, with a lovely full flavoured but mild and tender chorizo sausage from the local delicatessen. It's one they've just started bringing in from Spain and it's definitely quite special. Anyway, the tagine was perfect autumn food and the recipe is definitely recommended. I love food.

We danced our blues away today, drew gardens, Fred watched Play School and her terrible horsey movie, featuring AWFUL Bryan Adams songs, but it makes her happy. Una was cranky most of the day, lots of floods of tears, forehead to the ground, full drama moments. Fred filled her gumboots with water while she was wearing them. I got a lovely review of Drift (see the next post for a juicy quote).

I also ended up spending ages today poring over Harry Potter rumours and pottering (teehee) about on J K Rowling's official site (yeah, cause she so needs a plug from me). It's actually quite fun, she strikes me as a very generous spirit, she seems to enjoy all the speculation about the outcome of the seventh book but is quick to squash any reall pointless rumours. I've changed my mind by the way. A while ago I predicted that Harry Potter won't die, but now I think Harry Potter must die - but not a permanent death. More a symbolic one, he needs to face truly face death, to put his toe over the line, in order to live. The character whose fate I'm most interested in is Snape. Oh well, only three more months or so till we find out. Anyway, I'm doing all this because Monash is doing a Harry Potter thingy in August and I am thinking about putting a paper proposal together because I think it would be Good For Me. But I might not because I had bad dreams about it all night last night. I'm a bit scared of smart people.


  1. Thought I'd tell you I like Eglantine's new frock. In fact I'm looking for something like it for my own bag o'nuts but so far everythings just a little bit wrong. Anyway, sounds like a lovely day. And a lovely review. Congrats!

    "Smart People" don't know half as much as they pretend.

  2. Must, must, must reread 1-6 before July...

  3. Shudder, know what you mean about the 'smarts' - but Nadia is right. I'm scaring myself about some quite 'good enough' work at the moment, for fear of same. And it's a shame, because the work will probably be fine. Go get 'em.