Thursday, June 21, 2007


For those of you who missed it, Drift is out in Australia.

You can admire it online here and read the blurb.

You can buy it here and here (except good lord, that's the wrong blurb - it's Michael Pryor's The Chronicles of Krangor. Silly Dymocks people) and here and here and here and here and in NZ here or whatever other online bookstore you prefer.

Or of course go to your local bookshop. I'm all for locals. If for some shocking reason they don't have it in stock, give them a good scolding and then ask them to order it in for you. The isbn is 9781741660890. If they tell you they can't order it in they are being lazy (this sometimes happens). But make sure you are spelling my name right before you burn down the shop and dance on the ashes. Actually, I don't condone violence, so only metaphorical burnings please. The dancing can be real. It is even encouraged. Consider yourself incited.

There's no publication date in the US yet. I signed a two book contract when I signed Undine with Greenwillow and at that stage wasn't even sure there were going to be sequels - the second book could have been anything as far as I know. The Life and Times of Bellybutton Lint. The Fascinating History of the Pickled Herring. The Day My Chickens Turned into Emus and Kicked the Dunny Down (or Mum Was Surprised). So Drift hasn't actually been signed there yet. All those negotiations take place between publishers and I know Random House's fantastic Rights Manager Nerilee Weir is on the job...I'll let you know more when I do.

As my new favourite blogger Audrey says, Peace Out (only she speaks in blue).

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  1. That NZ bookshop is brilliant :)
    I seriously love the cover art Penn. Must go buy! A morning mission for tomorrow.