Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What the young folk are wearing to prom

How fantastic are this outfits made of DUCT TAPE!?

You can look at all the finalists of the competition here (I think you need to be a North American resident to vote), plus if you poke around the site a bit you'll find heaps more, and lots of them are just as good if not better than the finalists. I first saw a post about this at whip up. I am so blown away by the innovative designs. These are fully gutsy kids. I wish I could see them on the night. It strikes me too that duct tape might be a good contraception for those who don't want to lose it on the night - no zips or buttons. Then again, after lots of sweaty dancing, maybe it would start peeling off before you hit the hotel room...could go either way really. But hey, at least people aren't going to be talking about you for what happened after the prom if you show up in duct tape. Unless you wear it like Cher.


  1. Wow. What dedication. Go the stripes.

  2. Ha, nothing, I'll email some pics I got the other day re: prom outfits... YIKES!!

  3. This reminds me of that famous duct tape joke.

    Q. What do duct tape and The Force have in common?
    A. They each have a dark side and a light side and they both hold the universe together.

    (Did I tell that wrong? I'm not a Star Wars fan really).