Friday, August 03, 2007

because it's cute

Una calls stewed apple 'stupid apple'.
And she calls outside/the backyard 'backside'



Dusty Jo said...


Neeks said...

Aren't they gorgeous?!?
Jacen calls Cheezels, weasels. (Having owned a couple of ferrets I think this is too great and encourage the continued use!)
Yesturday is back day (makes perfect sense!) and tomorrow front day (again perfect sense!)
PS holiday looked fantatsic, you all looked so relaxed and peaceful.

Dani said...

Very cute. And tasty, wouldn't mind some stupid apple

Georgia said...

Hehe! Cute Una.

WOOHOO!!! about the house!! (I know... a little late, but I just rediscovered your blog via Kath's.)

zose said...

i love the linguistic logic in "backside"!!!!

we change channels on tv using a "mog and a troll" and when travelling, one out of 5 R-K's preffers to stay at the "show and tell".