Friday, August 24, 2007

Two Thoughts on Undine's Magic

Sometimes I think we are part magic, that what animates us is a kind of magic, that our psyches, our selves, points towards a kind of alchemy, both physical and ethereal in nature. What makes us who we are? What mysterious concoction of environment and genetics? What binds this stuff together? I think that's the magic in Undine really, the stuff that binds together the physical world and the world of ideas, where ideas act even more directly on the physical world. And not just ideas but our ever mysterious, ever important emotions. Perhaps all this signifies a neglect in my scientific education, but perhaps I chose on some level to neglect some aspects of physical science, in order to pursue my own wild half-baked theories about the universe.

I read in the paper (the Hobart Mercury in fact, so it must be true) that the current belief is that there was not in fact a big bang in which the universe, but that our universe is actually born from the remnants of an ancient universe. I read that and thought, 'Oh, so that's where Undine's magic comes from.'


  1. I lived in Indonesia for 2 1/2 years in the 90's and it was quite, shocking, challenging to live in a culture where so many people simply 'accept' the fact that magic IS.

    Your cover is lovely, Penni. I'll be keeping an eye out when I'm next in my local bookshop.

  2. Anonymous11:58 PM

    i love this non bigbang theory ...