Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Martin's favourite movies:

Love Actually
Princess Bride
Dark Crystal

I had to check and make sure it wasn't Shawshank Redemption.


  1. hmm, not sure about Love Actually... but the rest are good.

    although i re-watched dark crystal last month and it really is a very bad film. i love it, don't get me wrong. it's in my top ten best films of all time. and the design and the music are beautiful. just the story is... somewhat lacking. particularly the bit where the big cockroachy garthim are trying to eat aughra, and to help her, jen bravely... falls out a window.

    and why does he have a girl's name?

  2. Because he's fey?

    I am resisting watching dark crystal as an adult
    (though no doubt at some point we'll buy it for Fred), ever since the dark dark day I watched HR Puffenstuff and though, 'Oh no! This is shit!'

  3. I never trucked with The Dark Crystal. I think it's because I watched it as an argument that routinely gets yelled down by me when people say the same of Newsies, The Labyrinth or The Princess Bride.

    I can haz hypocrisy I guess :)

    PS that was officially my first Lolcatz reference...

  4. HR Pufinstuff is still great, I was watching the other day as I further warped the eldest!
    I love all these movies,
    Dark Crystal (own)
    Princess Bride (own)
    Labrynth (own)
    Lady Hawke (own)
    Transformers (own)
    Monkey Magic (own)
    Muppets (own all of them including 2 xmas specials
    and Jack just got Voltron.
    I'm just an old school sucker, tho we also have an extensive new kids range too, Incredibles etc. Jacen does tend to switch off quickly tho, I guess the stories are slower paced than the newer ones.
    Oh and a friend just got Worzel Gummage, can't wait!!

  5. I'm yet to lolcat in a sentence but I'm working up to it. Monique, I can still love Princess Bride, Ladyhawke and Labyrinth, but HR and Monkey make me distinctly uncomfortable for some reason. I rather think Dark Crystal might have the same effect.

    Fred's favourite movie far and away is Totoro. The quality of it is amazing, the animation is superb, the story structure is elegant and the characterisation is very delicate and sweet, with very authentic dialogue and really convincing relationships.

  6. Wow! Martin is such a girl! Lucky you - hooking up with a boy-girl man. They are a rare species. I guess it's not cool to comment on Martin. I should be commenting on the films. I haven't got the hang of this posting comments thing yet.

  7. We talk lolcats all the time at our place. Most sentences start with "I can has?" and end with "kthx" or "kthxby".

    And I agree with the rest of the movies but not Love Actually, which was too utterly sexist for my liking. Pah! I say to the whole woman-looking-after-people-and-sacrificing-her-chance-of-finding-a-lover-but-that's-okay-because-womanly-fulfillment-is-all-about-caring-anyway stupid basis of movie. And we won't even mention the age gap between the PM and the girl he ends up with.

    Well, actually, we will mention that too, cause I just did.