Thursday, March 06, 2008

Una's List of Being Scared, by Fred

If a biting spider comes she can hide somewhere in Fred and Una’s bedroom.

If Una sees something with really really pointy eyes she can hide behind Fred’s bottom.

If she is sleeping in her bed she could hide behind her doonas

If Una gets really really scared she can find Fred’s magic potion and tip it on what she is scared of.

If Una gets scared she can find her sleepsuit and stick her head in.

She can scream if she’s scared.

If she’s scared she can run out to the garden and hide behind a bush.

She can jump up in the air and she can sneakily pinch by the bottom.

If Una gets scared she can cuddle Fred.

If she’s scared she can find her stickytape and stick it all over someone so the baddies can’t get her.

If she’s scared she can find a kangaroo standing by the bushes and give it a cuddle.

If she’s scared she can find her baby and hit the baddy.

She can hide behind a rocking chair.

She can gallop really fast on a horsie.


  1. I love that Una needs to depend on Fred or be self sufficient. who needs parents when you're scared?

    I want to see the pointy eyes. They sound very scary.

  2. phew, sounds like there are plenty of options in case of scaredom.

  3. I don't know that Fred's teeny bottom is quite the shield against evil she thinks it is.

  4. What a mind! I love it when children think so hard about things like that and actually tell you about it - it's a window into their little worlds.

  5. God she is cute : )
    Hope you are all well Penn. We are back from Perth. What a lovely time. And's pregnant! Hope I can say it she hasn't made the official announcement yet : )
    SO happy for next I hope (X)
    Rach x