Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Writing Workshop at Sandringham Library with SImmone Howell

The very very funny and talented Simmone Howell is conducting a teen writing workshop at Sandringham library in the beautiful beachside suburb in southeast Melbourne. If you know someone who might like to go, pass it on.

Creative Writing Workshop for Teens (14+)
With Simmone Howell

author of Notes from the Teenage Underground
WINNER 2007 Victorian Premier’s Prize for Young Adult Fiction and 2007 Gold Inky Award

When: March 31st

Where: Sandringham Library

Time: 11am – 1pm

The workshop will focus on a writer’s tools:
- what you need to get started
- what makes a good story
- method and madness
- what to do with your finished piece

Participants are to bring a notebook, a pen and one small strange object – it can be anything - a toy, a train-ticket, or a Portuguese tart but be creative – someone will have to write about it!


“Notes from the Teenage Underground is a young
adult novel with a smart, feminist bent … a fast contemporary read…” – Lip Magazine Issue 14 2007

“ …A book that empowers, challenges and makes the world that little bit warmer” – Readings Newsletter January 2008


  1. Anonymous9:58 AM

    cheers penni - now i get to practice my 'go big'-ness!!!

  2. I dreamed about you last night doing some kind of talk and you were completely fabulous. Big.