Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do you know this book?

Without a doubt one of my most popular posts via google is one I wrote about my favourite childhood books. And overnight someone left this plaintive little cry for help on that post:

do you think you can help me?
i'm looking for a book for a friend. and this is all the hints I have.
Its about a monster that this little boy finds in the forest.
and he take him to his basement to live and feeds him.
and then he grows really big and his mom kicks it out and he's sad.
the little boy is sad he has to say goodbye to his friend.
(its a story about friendship)

the illustrator reminds me of the illustrator Where the Wild Things Are.
You have no idea how much you would do if you could help me.

Does anyone know? I feel like I almost do... Anyway, leave a comment here, and I can email him.


  1. Maybe a Mercer Mayer book? Sounds like a US title... I will ask Scribbler at Vintage Kids Books My Kid Loves - I'm sure she'll know!

  2. Reminds me of The Monster Bed / Jeanne Willis, but not quite the same storyline. Hm, will keep thinking!

  3. Was it "No more monsters for me", by Peggy Parish?

  4. Reminds me of Inside Mary Elizabeth's House by Pamela Allen, but some very obvious differences to the original clues...

  5. sooo fmailiar, but no clue!

  6. It was indeed No More Monsters for Me by Peggy Parish and I had a very delighted thank you email from Daniel.