Sunday, June 21, 2009


My friend Jasmin has been raising funds for an awesome project that helps women living in poverty start their own business. This isn't the first time I've mentioned this project on Eglantine's Cake - I entered Jazz's creative challenge last year. Anyway, she has less than two weeks left to reach her target so I wanted to help her spread the word - so I conducted this brief interview on Twitter. I just want to say that I think Jazz is awesome - she's taken her interest in social media and shared creativity and turned it into a force for good.

I started off asking Jasmine to describe the project.

wonderwebby @eglantinescake
Hi Penni! I'm raising funds for a two year program which provides business loans to Filipino women current living in poverty

the program helps between 15 and 30 women and also provides them with training on running a biz and weekly meetings

oh and it's run by Opportunity International Australia

eglantinescake @wonderwebby
What made you get involved in this project?

wonderwebby @eglantinescake
I heard Anita Pahor share her heart for the poor and disadvantaged. And then I made a decision to set a goal & do something.

also I had seem some great examples of women using social media to raise funds like @kanter , so I thought I'd have a go

eglantinescake @wonderwebby Has it been hard raising money for a relatively unknown charity? Or is part of your long-term goal raising awareness?

wonderwebby @eglantinescake
I became a formal volunteer ambassador with Oppty to raise awareness as well as funds, but yes it's a challenge

some people direct lending, but what I like about this program is the support and education that comes with it

eglantinescake @wonderwebby
How has your mission evolved as you plunged deeper in?

wonderwebby @eglantinescake
it has made me think about poverty on a daily basis. It has challenged me. Some days I feel hopeful, discouraged at times

eglantinescake @wonderwebby What's been your experience of using social media as a platform for fundraising? Tell us a + and a -.

wonderwebby @eglantinescake
- you still need face to face contact at times, when you are talking about poverty and things of the heart.

for instance how do you explain and convince someone to donate to a cause in 140 characters?

+ I am SO grateful that people around the world have joined in, I could never have done this on my own selling chocolates

You can learn more about Jazz's project here.
You can donate here. Every dollar counts.

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