Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baked Mince Roll

After my mother's comment on the post about meatballs, I had to google baked mince rolls. Now of course everyone wanted to give me sausage roll recipes. I also found this:

Baked Mince Roll
This is quite a dainty dish which can be made out of the scraps of cold beef, ham or tongue. Pass the meat through a grinding machine, add bread crumbs, season with parsley, pepper and salt and work in a beaten egg. Make a nice short crust, roll it out, place the meat upon it, and fold the pastry over so as to make a neat roll. Bake 1-2 hour and serve with thick brown sauce. Mrs. William Morton.

SO dainty.

And a bread thing by Nigella, in which a sort of foccaccia dough is rolled up with a savoury mince filling. Which looks sort of tasty but if I am going to have some white floury concoction with my savoury mince then my nostalgic childhood longing demands it be Yorkshire pud.

Anyway I rather suspect Mum meant something more along the lines of this, in which mince is bulked up with breadcrumbs and bound with an egg, then rolled up like a swiss roll with a filling (though I can't imagine there would have been any pine nuts or grilled peeled capsicum in a 1950s Tasmanian version. I wonder if Mum remembers the recipe, and if she will include it in the comments?


  1. This post reminds me of being a kid and only eating homemade pizza (such a brat) if mum rolled it up and cut it like one would cinnamon rolls. When I later came across commerical "pizza rolls" I was alarmed that they were actually in the shape of pillows. Not the real thing!

  2. I used to do a version of the Nigella thing for my kids when they were little. But mostly a vegetarian version where you make it with a savoury lentil filling. It was kind of heavy but they loved it. Haven't thought of it or baked it in years.

  3. Well, the verdict on the meatballs was "delicious!" in spite of the dearth of anchovies. But I think I ripped the bread into too large pieces. Evie wouldn't try them this time but I think I'll make them again.

    Hanging out for this elusive mince roll recipe... can't see my kids going for the red pepper version. They love conservative 50s cooking. They think my mum is the best cook in the world.

  4. Kaia, I might try that. I do not understand why my children don't like pizza (homemade or otherwise).

    Mm, Kirsty, that sounds good.

    I bet you could make the beef mince roll with the same kind of stuffing you'd use for a chicken Kate. I know Mum used to make beef olives sometimes, which was flat steaks, rolled with stuffing and tied up and then casseroled in a tomato saucey stewy thing. http://www.bestrecipes.com.au/recipe/Beef-Olives-L2346.html
    I can't imagine having kitchen string. But the mince roll would be heavy enough to keep its shape.

  5. Frangipani5:54 PM

    Penni was right. Any baked mince loaf would do as long as it is firm. You shape it into a roll and put it into a greased baking dish. This means you can get a crispy crust and cook lightly parboiled or microwaved veges around it.
    But here is one from THE book. It comes from a 1960s Women's Weekly.
    250g can sweet corn 500g mince beef 1 egg 125g fresh white bread crumbs 1 level tsp dried herbs (feel free to substitute fresh) salt and pepper 125g grated cheddar cheese

    1. Heat oven to 200C Grease a rectangular piece of foil 16"x14".
    (work it out).
    2. Drain sweet corn, reserving liquor. Place mince, egg, corn liquor, breadcrumbs, herbs. sprinkle of salt and pepper.
    3. Turn mixture onto foil & press into a rectangle 10"by 8". Mix cheese and sweet corn together and spread over meat mixture to within 1" of edge of meat. Roll up meat mixture in foil, bringing bottom and and top sides of foil together over top of meat roll; fold over several times to secure. Place roll on baking sheet.
    4. Bake in centre of oven for about an hour. Serve with creamed potato and gravy.

    I made it long ago before I was married and it was too sweet for me and rather fiddly. Mum professed to like it. Dad had about 3 mouthfuls - decent mince ruined was his verdict.

  6. Ooh, it sounds, um, missable. But I might try the basic concept next week and see how it goes. I might do Kirsty's lenti roll thing too. Will blog the results. I always feel a right ponce taking photos of my own dinners but I will document these ones.

  7. Meatloaf was a frequent dinner during my childhood. My mum used to insist on pouring what I thought at the time was a much too spicy sauce over it, a sauce I now love. The 'spice' was from worcestershire sauce. Matts mum used to do meatloaf with whole eggs baked into the middle of it.