Sunday, August 05, 2007


I joined facebook just to see what it's all about. I suspect it may actually be lowering my IQ.
It's an oddly fragmented/fragmenting experience, and yet strangely compelling.
Anyway, on a completely couldn't-be-more-unrelated note, Martin talked to the tenant who is currently living in our new house and she says that kangaroos come and visit the front garden some mornings (right up to the veranda), kookaburras and rosellas feed out of her hands, an echidna was recently rampaging through her flower beds... Doesn't it sound idyllic? Who will I be when I live there? I can't wait to see the house again, we haven't been back to St Andrews since we bought the house. Martin and I both tried to draw a floorplan and completely disagreed on where the bathroom is and where the dining table goes. But we both agree there is one of each. So that's comforting. It feels very surreal and distant, we asked for a 90 day settlement, which is 3 months and a quarter of a year, so I guess that's why it feels like a long time away. I think settlement is October 10.
Okay back to reading Chekhov for the class I'm tutoring... (must not check facebook must not check facebook)


  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Noo.. Facebook is gooood. Well it depends, I guess. velcom, velcom.

  2. I'm happy just from having lorikeets, wattlebirds, etc visiting the trees outside my window; and seeing a kangaroo occasionally across the road from my house (at the golf course). Oh, and I have ducks visit me sometimes. I feed them and then worry myself silly about them being run over. So, for me, your new house sounds like bliss, absolute bliss! I bet you can't wait!

    Re facebook. I am managing to avoid its temptations so far. It's obvs v addictive for everyone. Scaaary...

  3. What is this facebook??? I've been hearing more about it lately but haven't had a look yet.

    You are all going to love the new house! I lived in a house once that was surrounded by kangaroos and every night they would come into my front or back lawn to feed and box. Lots of birds. Was great :0)


  4. I wish I knew what Facebook was like too but I'm suspicious of things that make you join before you can have a proper look! Is it just another version of Myspace? My theory about Myspace is that it's blogging for the pathologically vain or the chronically illiterate.

    I've been wanting to watch Hot Fuzz for ages, will be off to the video store soon on your recommendation!

  5. I have issues with MySpace. I find it, for the most part, kind of hauntingly empty, all surface, no real content, as if that is what friendship is all about - numbers, appearances, 'full of sound and fury, signifying nothing' (as Shakin' Bill once said, but I don't think he meant MySpace).
    Anyway, facebook - I don't even KNOW what it is really. I suspect my days are numbered. But I think the further in you dig the more mysterious and fragmented it gets, and unspooling the experience becomes the experience.
    Or you know. Maybe it's all just vapid, self-serving surfaces. It's hard to see where the meaning and the depth is. Is that where the addiction lies - trying to get it to pay off?
    It's certainly very faddish - it relies on other people joining up (it's all about friends and networks and connections) and every time someone augments their page, for their augmentations to work, their friends have to also augment their pages (hard to explain).
    I've heard it referred to as stalkbook and I kind of see why, your homepage tells you all your 'friends' latest movements.
    I'm not very positive press for it am I?
    I'd love to hear someone talk about the positive applications.

  6. Anonymous1:30 PM

    I got a face book account but don't really know what I am supposed to do with it. I got it because I was told it was an intelligent version of myspace. I got a myspace too and don't really get that either. So far my daughter has left me a message from downstairs (in the same house) Now tell me THAT'S not a pointless exercise! Actually, I think I might go delete it right now :-)

    Hello btw, I found you on Tracey's blog, but have looks at your site occasionally and 'know' your name when I see it in bookshops.

  7. your house sounds amazing, how exciting! echidnas!! i saw my first hedgehog last week. :)

    yeah, facebook is a bit weird. can be useful if you don't feel like writing someone a whole email. i don't use it much, but it's put me in touch with some very old friends and acquaintances i hadn't heard from in years. in some cases this is good, in others, what do you do but say hello, glad things are good, see you later, and go back to not seeing each other for years...

  8. Matt was invited to facebook (is that the correct terminology? She sent him her details and asked him to be her 'friend') by a woman who bought a computer from him. :-o Weird.

  9. Anonymous11:44 PM

    I think the key to FB is making sure you're fully happy with your privacy setting and what goes out in your feed etc. You can actually restrict is relatively successfully - but it's just not that easy to work out how to do that unless someone shows you.