Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas Presents to Make

Let me just make a disclaimer here that chances are I won't make any of these. If I could, I would quickly rent a hole in the fabric of space-time, pop into a cosy alternative universe and make all the girls' Christmas presents. Better yet, I'd find an alternative me who was really good at making things, and also employ her to get Fred and Una to make charming potato-print Christmas cards - in this alternative world, F & U are very obliging (unfortunately I couldn't find an instructable for this, or folding space, or cloning myself or anything really useful). Anyway, since I spend some time obsessing over this stuff, I thought I might as well share the obsessive goodness. Lots of these have been kicking around the web since forever, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded of their existence in this crazy rapid-paced space we call cyber.

Pinspinners - cute little pinwheels for a Christmas party or to decorate the table.

Scotty Dog - cute little squishy dog. I made one of these for Fred and she loved it, surprisingly much. Especially considering, frankly, I can't sew for nuts (look, I'm jiggy with that - I can write books, right?)

Little theatre - this little theatre is so tooth-achingly sweet. I heart it's guts out. Um, can't read a word of French, so I translated it with google, which is always good for a laugh. It's an Easter theme, but oh well, I know Fred won't notice. This one I like to think I might actually do. It's within the realms of possibility. Oh, who am I kidding?

A smoogem is a bunny - a very very cute bunny. It's a wheat bag I think, I must admit I didn't read all the instructions. See why I won't actually make anything? As soon as there's instructions my eyes glaze over.

More stuffed animals from Martha. Keep Martha honest this Christmas. Actually I was never sure just why she went to gaol. Combining plaid and polkadots? Running with scissors? Running cocaine inside handmade stuffies? Oh-ho.

Wee Wonderfuls has lots of free patterns to download. I love the paper dolls. Again, within the realms of possibility. If I was, you know. Not me.

Oh my, look at this list of 30 projects to sew from Sew, Mama, Sew. Other me shall be so very busy.

For little girls, I love these pillowcase dresses. Alternative me would happily spend the day sourcing marvellous vintage pillowcases from backwater op shops. At the same time I'd put together a teaset of handpicked secondhand metal cups and a really great teapot.

If you're into web design, you could make your kids a simple website, like Martin has for Fred and Evie Constable. It has photos of them and all the links they like to visit, like Noggin, Charlie & Lola and ABC Kids.

Here's some tips for a sustainable Christmas. We've scored so well with 2nd hand stuff this year for, Fred, a beautiful wooden storytelling game that looks brand new (and that I've seen and hankered after in the shops) and is just up her alley and a lovely anthology of fairy tales, which we bought ages ago, put away, promptly forgot about and then rediscovered. Hurrah!

Okay I'm all worthied out now. Time to log onto Sendatoy and Peanut Gallery and look at all the lovely things we can't afford to buy.


  1. I also like the idea of homemade gifts, but never have the time to follow through. I usually only complete one or two homemade gifts a year. For the rest, personalized gifts are one of my favorite options.

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Very wholesome. Now I just want to stay home from work and make and do.

    When I was wee, my mum used to get me and my friends to make wrapping paper. She bought a big roll of butcher's paper (very handy for many activities)and then filled up several trays with paint (washable, crafty paint). Then we little ones stepped in the different paint colours and ran all over the paper. Cute, cheap wrapping paper and much entertainment value.
    Mum still occasionally busts some out that she's saved, so i get presents wrapped in my own tiny feet.

  3. Oh Susannah, that's so cute! what a great idea.

  4. We're actually going to use Mieke's kinder artwork as wrapping paper this year(we have enough to paper mache a small country). Except for yours. Cos I forgot that's what I had planned. I also forgot that I had something else for the girls. Oh well, you can have it next year.