Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's MY birthday today

In the immortal words of Justine Clarke:
'I'm older than yesterday.'

Here are my birthday letters:
"Happy Birthday Mum
Love Hearts
All done

and another from Una:
It's handie
It's my handie
jus' my handie
it's Freddie's handie
It's MY handie
story Una"

And from Fred:
"Happy birthday Mum,
Japan is a very long time ago,
so watch out for foxes.
They are big fat danger
the big ones are scary
if you see one
you have to watch out.
Love from Fred."

and another from Fred:
"It's candles on your cake,
your own special cake
just for Mum!
It's not for you but sometimes
we can share it. Fred."

And for me my own teeny tiny purple iPod shuffle! With my name on it! Wheeee! I love presents.

It was Martin's birthday yesterday but as Fred said this morning 'it wasn't a real birthday it was just a disaster birthday'. I had planned a surprise party for him but we had to cancel it because I was sick in the night. Boohoo. But Martin seemed to enjoy his quiet day anyway. Fred played all day next door so it was just Una and Martin while I slept. As Martin says, 'She was my birthday buddy.' Cute. Happy birthday to my dear love Martin.

Christmas was good. The family lunch on Christmas Eve and the extended party on Christmas night were the distinct highlights, Christmas is for sharing. We play a nutty game on Christmas Eve and there's a hilarious Secret Santa on Christmas Day, the girls love it, all the grown ups being silly, and so do I.

We're off on the boat to Tassie tonight. To quote Fred: 'Fond farewell.' But then again, I'll probably blog from there, so it's not really goodbye. Cyberspace is cool like that.