Wednesday, December 12, 2007


1. My thesis is finished.
2. Apart from the bibliography.
3. It is called Melancholy ever after? Repetition, maternity, melancholy and the everchild in modern and post-modern fairytales
4. It is 17429 words long including quotes.
5. It has two epigraphs. One is two stanzas from the poem at the end of 'Through the Looking Glass.' The other is a Stevie Smith poem. Which should probably go.
6. Word has just fritzed.
7. Crap.
8. Oh don't worry, it's okay. But now I've been suckered into rewriting my conclusion.
9. Stoopid conclusion.
10. I'm not finished.
11. As you were.

Okay, now I've finished. Feel free to proceed with accolades, applause, ticker tape parades or hearty congratulations.