Monday, December 03, 2007

Fred's first joke

Where do you find a cold pirate?
In the icy ocean.


Yeah, well. I don't think she quite understands jokes yet.


  1. My niece told a joke the other day:
    Q. What do you call a fish tank that's like a dinosaur?
    A. A fish tank.

    She thought it was hilarious...

  2. I'll try it out on Fred

  3. That made me laugh anyway. Because she doesn't quite get it yet, of course.

  4. Maybe she's trying for wry or a Seinfeld-esque commentary ("What is it with all these cold pirates in the icy ocean? If you're cold, get outta the ocean!").

    You'll probably look back fondly on this time when you're faced with a year of Fred reading out of the World's Biggest Book of Knock Knock jokes.

  5. Kris, you made me laugh. So in a very round about way, it was quite a funny joke after all.