Thursday, February 26, 2009

Links for my Mum

Here are some things I want to share with my mum, that I thought some of you would like to look at too.

The first one is this piece of writing about The Flying Nun. It's lovely and affecting and surprising - did you (that's a plural you, not just my mum, but I'd love to know her answer too) know it was a book first? I am going to try and track it down.

The next link is to the wonderful Barista blog, authored by David Tiley, a film maker (and historian? He doesn't say but he certainly seems to have a passion for archives). Many other blogs have already linked to his moving and intelligent immediate response to the Black Saturday fires We Lived Again but Life was Different; all his subsequent posts about the fire have been equally moving, beautifully rendered out of primary material with an unsentimental but clearly emotive commentary in the face of utter black empty loss. The way David holds history up to the light, the way he uses it, like a lens, to meaningfully and elegantly illuminate the present (and in turn creating a historical document himself) makes me literally hold my breath.

And then I love the Internet and I'm glad I waste so much time on it, because it helps me uncover real beauty and make sense of the world.