Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Big Issue: A Winter's Tale

Isn't it pretty?

I haven't seen a copy yet, but I am very excited about this and not just because it's my adult fiction debut. It's a great list of established and upcoming writers, including my mate George Dunford (who I've never actually met, but we go way back) and Louise Swinn who studied at RMIT with me, and Andy Griffiths who I did a talk with at the VWC last year and Terry Denton (I once sat at the same table as him for dinner, but it was a big table and we were very far away from each other, so even mentioning this occasion counts as utterly gratuitous name-dropping). I don't know Cate Kennedy at all, but I have a collection of her short stories out of the library at the moment. Oh and lots of other clever people, you can go and look at their names here. Or better still, buy a copy of the magazine from a street vendor near you.


  1. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Thanks for the plug, Penni! We all absolutely love your story. I mentioned it at the Fed Square event we did on the weekend as one of the things I love about this edition, and how proud we are to have published your first adult work. I hope you're polishing up your other bits and pieces to send out now!

    A copy should be in the post for you - let me know if you don't have it by tomorrow and I'll rectify the situation.

    Jo Case (Books Ed, The Big Issue)

  2. It arrived today, but Martin won't give it to me, he has kidnapped it.

  3. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Oh good!

    - Jo again

  4. After much busy-ness, I finally got to your story and was reminded of your rich style. Liked the turn you did on the Mimi name - making it about the mother. A great read.

  5. Heard some good news on this front - apparently several vendors have sold out of the fiction edition. Clearly my mum has been busy.
    Also Marcus, my local vendor, gets a mention in the up-coming big Ish.